Como saber si me queda mejor la plata o el oro


Not all metals stand out the same on our skin, have you ever wondered if there is a way to tell if gold or silver looks better on you? There is!

The fact of the matter is to find out if your skin is warm or cold: the warm ones look better with gold-finish accessories , and the cold tones look better with silver ones.

How do I know if my skin is warm or cool in tone?

Very simple: look at your wrist and analyze the color of your veins. If they show a BLUE color it is evidence that you have COLD skin. If, on the other hand, they tend to be more GREEN, your skin is probably WARM.

It may be difficult for you to differentiate the color of your veins, and in this case it is very useful to use a blue pen and a green one. Make a mark on your wrist and compare the colors. Which of the two is closest to the color of your veins?

And now you have found out: if your veins tend to be blue, your skin is COLD and SILVER will favor you more. If your veins are greener, your skin is WARM and GOLDEN jewelry will suit you better.

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