My mother had a dresser in her room, inherited from my grandmother. In her drawers were treasures in the form of necklaces, earrings, and rings . When she was busy in the kitchen, I would sit at the dresser and try on all her accessories one by one. I did it very carefully, keeping them just as I had found them, so that she wouldn't notice my intrusion.

As I grew older, my mother began to lend me her jewels : a silver necklace with a cross and the first gold earrings were my favorites, although every night I knew I had to return them to her dresser.

One Epiphany morning, among the gifts was a small wooden jewelry box. I felt so old! Earrings began to enter immediately, I liked the colored rhinestones. When I was 15 years old, I went to the pharmacy in my neighborhood to have the pharmacist, Don Eustoquio, make two more little holes in me , I was very nervous! I didn't tell anything at home, although my father was not amused when he discovered them to me. My cousins ​​and friends loved them, so the following weeks I accompanied them all to my pharmacy to get new earrings.

Today I have 7 holes between both ears and a larger jewelry box. I have developed the art of acting Swedish when my 6 year old daughter tries on my jewelry . Now I am the one who is busy all day managing Strending and taking care of two children. I need 30 hour days!

I have little time to fix myself in front of the mirror, but I am unable to leave the house without earrings. I feel naked without them. Usually I wear mini earrings because they are comfortable to sleep in, but the days that I wake up with dark circles under my eyes, I put on some big earrings, I paint my lips, and the dark circles go to a third plane. It is my beauty and style tip in less than 1 minute . You won't read about it in the magazines, but it works.

That is why I enjoy my work so much, because since 2012 I have been helping women like you to improve how they look in the mirror every day . A powerful accessory can totally change how you feel: brighter, more stylish, more modern . I love transmitting this art to my clients and that, with a single gesture, they can look better before leaving home in the morning.

I want to help you feel beautiful every day!

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A hug,


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